About Us

Booty What?

"That's right, BootyCocktails," we frequently say in reply to our most common question; often accompanied by curious/confused look in response.  It's OK, we're used to it, and actually find it kind of funny now.

It all started from the mispronunciation of a client's store - "Boutique Hot Heels" -while our founder was a customer service manager at a shoe supplier.  After a while of referring to them as "Booty Cocktails," someone finally noticed the humorous mistake, and... well, it just sounded like a cool name!  So, here we are 15 years later, still running a website called

Since 2003, our silly name has become synonymous with personalized service and helping our customers find exactly the shoe they're looking for, no matter how wild those shoes (or boots!) may be.

Have any questions or comments about our site, or something you need help finding?  Our personalized service and small boutique attention to curating the best collections is why we're better than the mega-shopping sites.

So, need any help? send us a message!  We'd be happy to hear from you...