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Pole Dancing Fitness Shoes

Whether you’re looking for pole dancing shoes for fun workouts or professional dancing, you will find the best selection here. Shop a collection of sexy shoes that are great for pole dancing and fitness model competitions. Shoes in this category are made by the top pole dancing shoe brands, Ellie Shoes and Pleaser Shoes. Looking for a pole dancing shoe with a little more pizzazz? Look at selection of exotic dancer shoes.

Monthly Specials For December

Upcoming Products
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Item Name Date Expected
Xtreme-808 Clear 8 Inch Stripper Shoes by Pleaser Shoes 01/31/2018
Moon-708TG Cut Out Platform Stripper Shoes by Pleaser Shoes 01/24/2018
Treasure-708 Stripper Shoes With Platform Compartment by Pleaser Shoes 01/04/2018
ADORE-702 Clear Stripper Sandals by Pleaser Shoes 12/14/2017

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